Business Sculptors was founded in 2005 to offer a new approach to helping organizations and their leaders grow.

Business Sculptors sought to offer individually customized and ‘sculpted’ solutions. Just as every artwork is unique, every project is customized to our clients’ needs. There is an artistry required in assisting organizations to grow, and text-book solutions very seldom work.

At Business Sculptors we do the following:

  • Provide clients with an effortless quality experience when working with us.
  • Lighten the load for people by removing any unnecessary factors that prevent them from being effective and successful.
  • Transfer our skills and knowledge to leaders in order to help them become more effective and successful.
  • Assist organizations to identify hidden talent in their people and develop this talent.
  • Involve our clients leaders, to drive and manage their own projects from within their own organizations, instead of doing all the work for them.
  • Practice mutuality (sharing) and learning from the leaders we work with as they learn from us.
  • Measure our success by our clients’ results, not by how much time we’ve spent on projects.
  • Encourage leaders to explore, imagine, learn and create a better future for themselves and their organizations, and to do something about it!

Business Sculptors focuses on releasing the potential within organizations. This may include moulding current resources, people, processes, systems and structures, removing constraints, chipping away at others and maybe even bringing in something new. Business Sculpting is a creative process of bringing about evolutionary and sometimes abrupt, quantal change in people and organizations. In the course of Business Sculpting ™, we challenge paradigms and business models.

Through this process we assist our customers to succeed and fulfill their purpose.

Enterprise, Excellence and Endurance are the emergent outcomes towards which we strive.