Dr Kerrin Begg

Kerrin in a former CEO with clear vision and direction, and the charisma to back it up.

Kerrin is a naturally strong authentic leader with clear vision and direction, whilst also able to translate and clarify that vision for others and thereby influence the team to attain results. Kerrin is excited by leading teams in difficult and challenging environments, and overcoming significant constraints.

Throughout her career, she has empowered and prepared her teams, with a strong belief in the development of potential talent into fully actualized leaders.

She has shown the capability of turning ‘rough stones’ into highly polished diamonds. Kerrin’s interests and skills lie in acting as catalyst to harness and optimize performance and passion in people thereby promoting effective leadership. In a relatively short period, Kerrin has successfully led turnarounds and or growth of 4 different businesses in the health industry, all within constraining environments.

Kerrin has managed to attain her successes in what is traditionally a very male-dominated arena, without compromising her personal values.

Business Sculptors (consultants) are selected for their experience and high level of knowledge, wisdom and insight into their respective fields. Kerrin was thus approached by Business Sculptors to bring her experience and passion to the team to enhance the offering with regard to leadership development and leadership coaching, women as business leaders (work-life balance, challenging paradigms, power plays etc), motivating, developing and empowering teams and depth consulting in group dynamics, diversity, culture, and change management among others.

Kerrin enjoys high level debate and dialogue around business paradigms, strategy, change process and the global environment affecting business. The philosophy of Business Sculpting™ is a fair description of her natural style, which incorporates elements of exploring, imagining and creating with a strong emphasis on “doing” and implementing and ultimately achieving results.

Her passion for ”making a difference” has led to her long term voluntary involvement in the non-profit sector as Trustee of an FBO for HIV/AIDS education & care (including hospice), and is the Chairperson of The Sunflower Fund, a nonprofit organization with the purpose of awareness and fundraising for the SA Bone Marrow Registry.

Kerrin is a part-time lecturer at the University of Cape Town, in the Medical Faculty as well as the Graduate School of Business.

Qualifications & Affiliations: Kerrin attained her M.B.Ch.B. (UCT) in 1994, Diploma in Child Health (1996) and Diploma in Obstetrics (1997). She then completed her medical specialization, obtaining the Fellowship in Public Health Medicine (CMSA) in 2002. Kerrin is a trained Depth Facilitator, an accredited Thomas PPA practitioner, as well as certified in The Leadership Circle Profile.