Get un-stuck with coaching

get un-stuck

Thousands of people turn to coaching to help them improve performance, get un-stuck, set and reach great goals and ultimately experience life, and work, in a more positive and meaningful way. In this post I would like to shed some light on what coaching is all about. 

What’s the problem?

We’ve all experienced being ‘stuck’ at some point in our lives. It is a dark and frustrating place to be. Most people try to ‘push through’ these tough patches. The process is long, uncomfortable and demotivating.

Another common problem arises because of the many demands on us, on a daily basis. We are very good at being busy. The problem is that we are able to be busy on ‘autopilot’. We may be really productive, but we have lost our sense of connection or purpose.

” Telling someone to ‘snap out of it’ is about as effective as telling a blind person to ‘look harder’ “

Why is coaching a solution?

Whether you need to get un-stuck or want to re-connect, coaching gets powerful results.

Coaching helps you move forward in the direction you want to go, by focusing on the thing that is holding you back: your thinking. The process helps you focus on solutions and new ways of thinking.

Our coaching methods are aligned with scientific discoveries of the brain and it’s impact on behaviour and learning – neuroscience.

What excites US about neuroscience is that it confirms that no two brains are alike (your parents weren’t lying when they said you are special!), it’s relatively easy to ‘re-wire’ our brains (you are able to learn and change for as long as you live) and the way we think creates our reality (our perception dictates our reality). This means that everyone has the potential to make a difference.

” You can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking you used to create them ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Albert Einstein

What can I expect from coaching?

There is no denying that coaching stretches you. A great coach should keep you challenged – but not so challenged that you feel stressed. By the end of each session you should feel motivated to take action. After you have been coached for a few weeks, you will notice that your internal dialogue changes. Questions will replace ‘I’m such an idiot’ or ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘why am I so stupid’. Instead you will hear yourself ask ‘what can I learn from this?’ or ‘who could help me with this?’ or ‘what else could this be about?’.


How long will it take for me to think differently?

The answer here is dependent on so many things. Do you want to change some habits or do you want to change how you see the world? Remember what neuroscience taught us – no 2 brains are alike… this means that how quickly you adapt your thinking is a personal journey. Most people feel confident to move forward after a single session – but long lasting motivation and change can take a whole lot longer. We prefer coaching as part of a 3 month series. This has produced significant results for our clients.

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