Personal Development

Make New Years Resolutions Stick

You’ve committed to losing weight. To getting a promotion. To changing jobs. To stop smoking. To stop procrastinating. To travel. These are just some of the many New Year Resolutions that we embrace in the spirit of new beginnings.

They are all great, positive things. They would positively impact us. So why do we lose traction after deciding to accomplish them (usually around March – and sometimes before)?

In truth, there are many reasons that contribute to losing the dedication to our goals. Life is busy – and it is always easier to do things the way we are comfortable with… because we can do it without thinking. Changing is something we have to think about, actively achieve and the process is awkward and uncomfortable. If we really want to commit – the pain of ‘not changing’ has to be so powerful that we just won’t stand for it anymore.

If you think about WHY we make resolutions, the purpose, what we would like to achieve – it is usually because we want to be happy, and believe that our resolutions will MAKE us happy. The problem with this is that we ‘delay’ potential happiness until we have reached our goals…. no wonder they don’t stick!

So how can we put these simple truths to good use?

Think of your resolutions. Ask yourself what your resolution will really accomplish if you achieve it? Keep digging until you are clear what lies underneath. Once you understand your own motivation – it is much easier to work toward achieving it. It also becomes easier to implement small wins along the way that will keep you motivated.

Our underlying beliefs definitely influence how we go about reaching our goals. Sometimes, it is more powerful to challenge beliefs than to achieve a goal. Beliefs colour our experience of life. If you would like to achieve more happiness, success and wealth it makes sense to challenge the way you look at yourself and the world.

So, investigate your goals and keep digging until you discover what you really want…. then make it happen!