Cultural Assessments

Successful companies have company cultures that support their chosen business strategies. Unfortunately, too many companies have cultures that undermine their chosen strategies instead of supporting them. We’ve realized that a company’s culture lays the groundwork for its strategy, and that different types of strategies need different types of company culture to be successful. Sometimes we need to assist companies to develop a company culture that fits with their business strategies, other times we assist companies to develop strategies that fit with their company cultures.

After trying out many tools, we have chosen to use Culture-Strategy Fit™, Spiral Values and The Leadership Culture Survey to accommodate different situational and strategic needs. We are Culture-Strategy Fit’s™ (Canadian Based) alliance partner in Southern Africa.

Leadership Assessments

We have a number of different leadership assessment tools we use in our business and personal sculpting processes. These tools provide us with valuable lead and lag information.

We use three assessments tools on leaders to identify their both their strengths and the factors preventing them from realizing their potential.These assessments are often a first step in helping leaders to identify talent and the factors constraining progress in their companies. They also help us to monitor our progress and judge how successful our work has been. We agree with Peter Drucker who once said, “if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.”

After testing the validity and ease-of-use of many different leadership assessment tools, we chose to use the CPA/MCPA/IRIS tools by BIOSS, the DISC Work-Behaviour Style Assessment and the Leadership Circle Profile™. A number of our Sculptors are certified to use these tools.


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