Cultural Assessments

Successful companies have company cultures that support their chosen business strategies. Unfortunately, too many companies have cultures that undermine their chosen strategies instead of supporting them. We’ve realized that a company’s culture lays the groundwork for its strategy, and that different types of strategies need different types of company culture to be successful. Sometimes we need to assist companies to develop a company culture that fits with their business strategies, other times we assist companies to develop strategies that fit with their company cultures.

After trying out many tools, we have chosen to use Culture-Strategy Fit™, Spiral Values and The Leadership Culture Survey to accommodate different situational and strategic needs. We are Culture-Strategy Fit’s™ (Canadian Based) alliance partner in Southern Africa.

A number of our Sculptors are certified to use these tools.

These three tools are unique, well designed and supported by credible research on their effectiveness. If cost was no factor, we would recommend that companies struggling to change their organizational cultures use all three tools.

The Leadership Culture Survey (TLCS)™

logo-leadershipcircleWe have found it valuable to assess the collective leadership of companies and how people perceive their companies’ leadership. We have found that companies frequently promote a leadership culture that is different from the one they need or think they are promoting. We need such information to help companies develop a leadership culture that inspires and motivates people throughout their companies.

The Leadership Culture Survey™ reveals how groups and teams view their current leadership culture and how this differs from the leadership culture their companies want and need. This tool uses similar leadership competencies to the Leadership Circle Profile™ – competencies that have been validated and correlated with the financial performance of companies. The findings from a Leadership Culture Survey™ will enable a company to invest in their funds in developing the leadership that will make a real difference to their business.

Both the Leadership Circle Profile™ and the Leadership Culture Survey™ have been extensively tested and validated, with over 15,000 business leaders.

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Culture-Strategy Fit:

logo-culturestrategyfit-5kCulture-Strategy Fit™ is actually a complete suite of strategy and cultural pattern assessment tools. There are the Culture-Strategy Fit Profile, the Culture Snapshot, the Intergenerational Snapshot, and the Culture Pulse tools. Each of these tools provides a different perspective into how well a company’s culture fits with its strategy.

The Culture-Strategy Fit™ Profile assesses the culture patterns in companies and how well these patterns with the type of strategy that the company has chosen. A match between culture and strategy creates a competitive advantage. In contrast, a mismatch of culture with strategy usually means that a company’s culture drags down its strategy. In other words, it does not matter how good a company’s strategy is if company culture does not support it.

Culture Strategy Fit™ provides us with information that we can use to help companies change their organizational cultures, and even their strategies.

We are Culture-Strategy Fit’s™ (Canadian Based) alliance partner in Southern Africa.

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Culture Transformation Tools:

There is substantial evidence that successful companies are values-driven companies. Books such as Built to Last and Corporate Culture & Performance provide us with substantial evidence that companies with appropriate values outperform other companies in their industries. We have found that values guide organizational culture and leadership effectiveness. They determine how companies change, innovate, perform and make strategic decisions. Values can both constrain and enable companies. To assist companies to develop the values they need to become more successful, we first need to understand the values in their companies and the values they want for their companies.

We have chosen to use the Culture Transformation Tools designed by Richard Barret (author of Liberating the Corporate Soul) and the Values Centre. This Culture Transformation Model has been used to carry out Cultural Values Assessments in over 700 organizations in 41 countries over the last 10 years. The survey instrument is available on-line and in multiple languages.

The Culture Transformation Tools provide us with detailed insight into a company’s organizational values and culture, and roadmap for its improvement. These tools are based on the Maslow’s model of motivation, the Seven Levels of Consciousness, and Spiral Dynamics. The Culture Transformation Tools enable us to measure the alignment between a company’s current values, desired values, and the values upheld by its leaders and employees.