Work Behavioural Style (DISC)

Our work behavioural style is a window of opportunity, allowing us insight into how someone prefers to apply their intelligence, skill, knowledge, and experience at work to deliver their expected outcomes-deliverables.  How they adapt to make a success of their work and how they would behave under pressure. 

Completing a work behavioural style assessment will provide you with a clear understanding of how someone would communicate, delegate or not delegate, work strengths, ideal work environment, decision making style, the type of leadership they would need, their style used to influence others, fears and many more.  With this insight about your team available, you could apply their talents to the best use of your organisation, or coach and help them to change their style to be more appropriate to the role they need to fulfil.

Even if you have worked with someone for years, you can still benefit from a look into how they approach situations and why they may do so in their particular manner. Quite often, the person themselves will not fully understand the reasons behind their style of handling tasks, other people and stress. This assessment will give them a chance to examine their own methodology and learn to use it to the fullest.

No approach is perfect, but each has aspects which lend themselves better to certain roles. Something which might be seen as a weakness can also be a strength when applied in the right way or combined with another skill. Only by taking all of someone’s behaviours and tendencies into account can you begin to form a big picture of what the best use for their talents will be.

Based on the patterns extracted from successful performers and weak performers, it is possible to establish styles of operating which are more likely to be successful in a given situation.  This information, taken together with the other critical information of know-how, background and experience, provides a vital component in the job-matching exercise.

The 80/20 rule is a wise one to adopt in this type of assessment – if a person has the right behavioural style and meets the other criteria required for the job, there is an 80% chance that the job match will be successful.

This also means that there will always be anomalies and these should be seen as such and not allowed to confuse the overall picture.  People, after all, are not created by the performance of an exact science!

No assessment ever created can fully ‘plot’ who you are or what you are capable of. This assessment has a great track record for being accurate but it is still used as a guideline. Your frame of mind plays a big role in how you complete the questionnaire.

It is best to think of your behaviour in the work environment, as most people behave differently at home. A leader, in the office, may be results-focused and determined. At home, however, they could be friendly and playful.

We have been using the work behavioural style assessment for more than 20 years to identify leadership styles, cultural fit, team roles and personal development areas.