Strategic Clarity

Prepare your company to navigate through an uncertain future, and feel confident in your company’s future.

The future is not what it used to be. Steering an organization into the future is becoming increasingly complex.

We assist leaders to succeed within an uncertain future. We help them to develop their strategic radar and gain clarity of thought about the future they want and how best to get there.

Our approach is in stark contrast to traditional strategic planning methods.

The failure of traditional planning methods:

You may have noticed how traditional strategic planning methods are failing. According to recent research:

  • Very few strategies (about 10%) are executed as planned (Fortune Magazine, May 2002)
  • Almost 80% of companies have a formal strategic planning event (HBR, Sep. 2006)
  • Yet only 23% use these events for making their most important strategic decisions (HBR, Sep. 2006)
  • Only 45% of polled CEOs were happy with their strategic decisions. (HBR, Sep. 2006)

Traditional strategic planning fails because it assumes that we exist in a stable world with a known future, one in which “cause” factors can be identified and their “effects” predicted. It also assumes that simply implementing a detailed plan, and adjusting systems accordingly, will help organizations to succeed in the future. The vast majority of traditional strategies are simply an extrapolation of what worked in the past or variations on the theme. This is why they tend to either fail, or get filed away.

Our approach

In contrast to traditional methods, we assume that the leaders we work with are faced with unpredictable futures. Our focus is to prepare them rather than give them thick documents and plans.

There are four main pillars to helping organizations gain strategic clarity:

  • Firstly we help leaders accept an uncertain future full of opportunity, unknown events and conflicting agendas. We assist them to realize that the competitive landscape and rules of the game have changed, and that playing by the old rules will no longer get them anywhere.
  • Secondly, we help leaders to develop the strategic radar they need. Opportunities and threats can present themselves at a moments’ notice. Leaders need to be ready to pursue or defend, and have the capability to do either. Those leaders that hesitate too long at the crossroads and play by the old rules will soon find themselves left behind.
  • Thirdly, we help leaders to get their organizations ready for change. We invest our energies in developing their capabilities and cultivating proactive and adaptive teams and valuable strategic relationships.
  • Finally, we help leaders to engage in a productive strategic conversation about the strategic paradigm, business model, organization design and strategic context. The best strategic conversations throughout organizations, at all levels and at all times. We may choose to use particular techniques (e.g. scenario planning) to facilitate this process.

We suggest you contact us to find out more about our approach, and how we can help you and your organization to get ready for the future.