Harness the power of coaching to accelerate change



Coaching is a powerful tool for accelerating change. A coach supports behavioural change by focusing on the source of behaviour –our thinking. The process of coaching encourages new ways of thinking, not by giving advice or instruction, but by helping the individual unleash the full potential of their capability.

Our coaching methods are aligned with scientific discoveries of the brain and its impact on behaviour and cognitive functions – neuroscience.

Neuroscience teaches us that no two brains are alike. That we store, retrieve and access information differently. It further confirms that while it is virtually impossible to ‘undo’ the way we think, it is surprisingly easy to create new ways of thinking. This has a profound impact on how we address challenges in the personal and work environment.

Our coaching focus

Incremental Change (Performance)

This is achieved through modifying and learning new skills, behaviours, actions and results. The purpose is to improve quality and quantity of performance and focuses on what you do (external). The key variables include how we represent things to ourselves, how we frame things, the meaning we assign to things, our thinking patterns and style of processing information.

Evolutionary Change (Development)

This is achieved through shifting focus from outside to inside and deals primarily with beliefs, decisions and other mental-emotional patterns that work as the inner frames that govern performance.

The key focus is on conscious knowledge of our character, feelings, motives and desires (self-awareness).

Revolutionary Change (Transformation)

This is achieved by focusing on purpose, intention, direction and vision. This allows for paradigm shifts and transforms both performance and development.

The key focus is on connecting high level self-awareness with personal purpose.  This change takes the longest (sometimes several years) and occurs naturally when individuals transition to a higher cognitive level.


Our coaching structure

Once-off sessions

These sessions help individuals gain clarity on the way forward. It is most effective to generate motivation to act. Sessions range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and there is no requirement for additional follow up.

12 session series

A series is spaced over 3 – 6 months and targets performance and developmental change. This offering is very structured. It focuses on setting and achieving 3 powerful goals. The process encourages insights relating to internal dialogue, meaning, cognitive distortions and self-discovery.

Custom series

These series are defined by the requirements for accelerated transformation. The structure is determined by the individual’s transition pace over a 12 month period.


Skype Coaching

We utilize Skype for coaching. This allows access to coaching – regardless of where you are. Our coaching clients across the globe appreciate the convenience and flexibility that this method allows.