Capable Leadership

Develop the leadership team you company needs to guide and inspire staff.

We all know that good leadership is probably the biggest factor in business success.
In all our work, we assist leaders to do their best since it is impossible to transform organizations without developing leadership. We have therefore worked with hundreds of leaders of multinational corporations, government departments, and national companies and nonprofit organizations.

The question for many companies is how to identify and nurture the talents of future and existing leaders within their company.

Finding leaders

The first challenge is to find good leaders. Unfortunately, good leaders are hard to find – they are becoming a scarce commodity and a source of much competition. Fortunately, leadership talent can found in unlikely places.

We use a number of proprietary tools to complement our intuition and assess the talent of current and emerging leaders. These tools are amongst the best assessment tools on the market. They are easy-to-use and provide us with scientific and practical information on how leaders use their intelligence and experience to perform tasks and achieve results. They also tell us how to help these leaders develop their talents.

We focus on assessing leadership styles, effectiveness, work-behaviour styles, leadership levels or ability to understand and manage systemic complexity, and value drivers. The tools we use include: Work Behaviour Profile (DISC), and Cognitive Capability (IRIS/CPA) Assessment.

Since each person is unique, we do recognize that it is impossible to assess categorically whether a leader would be able to perform in a particular context. Much of a leader’s success will also depend on factors such as his/her intelligence, aptitude, cultural scripting, external environment, motivation, belief system, business paradigm and religious – factors one can’t always explicitly measure.

Growing leaders

We have found that leaders are grown not born. We use a process called Personal Sculpting to help leaders to realize and improve their talents. Personal Sculpting involves the use of the coaching and mentoring methodologies, combined with the Business Sculpting philosophy.

  • Coaching involves helping individuals to increase their awareness of themselves and their environment. We listen and ask valuable questions that guide individuals to grow towards their potential and succeed in their work. We don’t give advice or tell.
  • Mentoring involves transferring knowledge, skills and wisdom to the aspiring leader. Our team will provide experienced guidance to help leaders to succeed in areas where our mentors have succeeded.

To find out more about how we can help you or your company, we suggest you call us for a chat or the contacts details of other leaders we have helped.