Constructive Culture

Create an environment where people thrive, and your company reaps the benefit.

An organization’s culture consists of all the paradigms, values, beliefs, behaviours and experiences of its members. It is complex and always changing, yet also has inertia and is tricky to change. It is the ‘way’ that people do things in your organization.

It is our experience that organizational culture can make or break the organization, or lift or sink its strategy. Some organizations succeed because of their strategies, while others fail because of their strategies. It is the invisible force that binds everything together. Organizational culture is a source of competitive advantage between organizations. Successful companies have staff that are truly engaged, and who look forward to coming to work everyday.

Business Sculptors has substantial experience helping leaders change the culture in their organizations. This is a doable but challenging task.

Changing organizational culture:

There are three main steps to helping organizations to develop cultures that support their strategies:

  • Step 1 – Asses the current organizational culture. We use a variety of culture assessment tools. These include Goffee and Jone’s Culture Model, Bob Anderson’s Leadership Culture Model, Fon’s Troppenaars’ Culture Model, Claire Grave’s Spiral Dynamic’s Model, Culture-Strategy Fit Model, Business Sculptors’ Staff Engagement Model and Richard Barrett’s Spiral Values Model. We have proven success in using these models to assess the cultures of a number of organizations. We use the best model for the situation. Our Sculptors are also accredited to use many of these models.
  • Step 2 – We help leaders to determine the best culture for their organization. There is no best or universal culture. Neither The optimal culture depends on the organization’s strategy and unique situation. The culture must fit the strategy.
  • Step 3 – We help leaders to change the culture in their organizations. This is a tricky process that requires substantial skill and ‘artistry’. Organizational culture cannot be changed by decree or manipulated mechanistically. Instead authentic leadership can influence culture in the right direction. This is why we focus much of our efforts on leaders at all levels of the organization.

If you suspect that your organization’s culture is not what it should be, then we suggest you contact us for a discussion or some reading material on how to improve it.