Training & Workshops

When it comes to training – knowledge isn’t knowing


How we convert theory into action

There is a gap between knowing the theory and understanding the required behaviour for many skills training programs in the workplace today.

The cornerstone of our offering is to translate theory into practice. We incorporate contemporary neuroscience findings on the most effective strategies to help individuals improve their results by doing things differently.

The aim of all our modules is to facilitate behavioural change. This is the best way to ensure a profound return on training investment.

 Our modules

In consultation with training experts, we have designed over 40 independent modules. These can be delivered individually, as workshops, or combined to produce powerful courses that support the required learning and behavioural change.

Each module takes 4 hours to deliver and is supported by a participant workbook, interactive exercises and a plan for incorporating the required learning into current work activities.

Our most popular modules include: Behaviour (DISC), Change, Confidence, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Goal setting, Leadership, Motivation, Planning, Resilience, Stress and Teamwork.

The ACTS Model

We developed our own framework to maximize participants understanding of how to apply the skills they have learned in their daily tasks.










Popular Courses

  • The Art of Sales
  • Behaviour – The power of DISC
  • Mentoring
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Thrive: Personal Transformation