Look before you leap

We will never truly have all the information we need to make great decisions, but that does not mean we must leave everything up to chance. People are simple but complex beings by nature and many years of research have gone into mapping out the behaviours which drive them. The means exist for us to stay well-informed even when looking at the complex variables that make up a person’s habits.

When you are seeking to recruit someone to join your team, you must consider their experience, character, attitude, potential value to your business and team, and all manner of little behavioural tells and cues which make up a good hire.

Valuable, contributing team members are a true asset, whilst misaligned individuals can delay progress, frustrate other teammates, make costly mistakes, treat your customers badly, and negatively impact group culture. A good team is worth far more than the sum of its parts; but in order for a team to perform effectively, its members must be working in a complimentary fashion. When all the parts of a team are contributing effectively, the combined effort will create the desired results.

You are not forced to go in blind. People are complex, but they have enough recognizable behaviours to form an estimate on how they plan, communicate, deal with structure, act, and react. Over the course of decades, our profiles have been studied and tweaked to provide the best possible insight into a person’s behaviours. We have a strong track record for identifying habits and outlooks which people did not necessarily even know about themselves. While we certainly make no claims at being able to perfectly predict how someone will take to a situation or what their interrelations will be, we areable to find the most likely results with very good accuracy.

An organisation which understands itself and all of the elements which go into it can make informed decisions about what paths are available for it to take, what it can accomplish that another group might not be able to, and what its current limitations might be. To know all of these things gives you true freedom to explore all the possibilities which you can make real. With these tools at your disposal, you can make the leap knowing that you are ready for whatever might come your way.