Our Team

Eurico de Freitas

Eurico de Freitas

Eurico focuses on business transformation, through effective leadership. He is a strong believer in mental preparedness, knowing what you can and can’t do, exploring ways of learning, imagining and creating new and better futures. He  firmly believes that business leaders need to create businesses that provide an effortless quality experience to their customers.

Annegret Ljubicic

Annegret oversees the day-to-day operations of the team and conducts behavioural assessments.

She specializes in talent, leadership repertoire and team culture assessments and provides insight and advice to clients and partners on their respective project.

Henk Kleizen

Henk works with successful leaders to make them more successful.

He has personally held leadership positions in a combination of local and global companies, and adds experiential knowledge to the modern day leadership challenges.

Roger Stewart

 Roger is a strategist who helps companies and their boards to think clearly about their strategies and responsibilities.

 Roger is involved in innovation and the establishment of new businesses locally and abroad. He consults to medium and large organizations in Southern Africa. He has a specific interest in directorship, strategy, innovation / business development and value based finance and management.