Henk Kleizen

Henk Kleizen is a Business Sculptor who works with successful leaders to make them more successful.

Whilst engaging with leaders as part of their success growth, Henk is unique in that he has personally held leadership positions in a combination of local and global companies, and adds experiential knowledge to the modern day leadership challenges.

He believes that the essence of leadership is making a positive difference in everything we do and say. Using state of the art leadership methodologies, Henk works with leaders to produce guaranteed and measurable leadership growth. He believes passionately that leadership is a contact sport.

Henk is the CEO of The Leadership Consortium, a boutique leadership consultancy providing leadership talent services to corporate and medium sized businesses. The Leadership in Action services focus on Executive Talent Recruitment, Executive Coaching and Leadership Culture development. The methodologies are based on accreditation with Primary Colours in Practice leadership, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Barrett Values, The Leadership Circle and Cognadev Assessments.

Henk is a “proud ginger”, based in Cape Town and enjoys his family life with Annette and his two married daughters, Bianca and Ciara.